Some of the People who have contributed their talents to this web site include:


Some of the best advice I've received came from a friend named "Nancy Lovett" who told me "You'll never learn to design web pages until you learn to write code."

Stu Nicholls

has taught me and thousands of other web page designers more about CSS and HTML coding than any other single individual. He's constantly innovating, pushing the CSS "rules" beyond their intended purpose, and then sharing what he's done with the world, usually for no fee. You'll see his innovative work all over the world wide web, including in every one of these pages. The web would be a far more boring place withou Stu Nicholls. Please visit his web site CSS Play.


Home Page: Pen sketch of woman's face by Michael Edens: Michael Edens

Home Page: The watercolor picture of flowers by "Kola P".

Credits Page Water Lillies by Claude Monet


Gallery Page: Photo By Richard Avedon